i want to kill myself with legally purchased handguns in front of people who post gun rights memes

i mean if someone isn’t getting off the phone and george starts shooting him we need someone with a machine gun present. in this way, we preserve the primacy of individual need while exacting a self-effacing societal revenge on that very structure of individual need. society is merely a mass personification of the individual, which … Continue reading


Arise. Praise and sublimity. Unimpeachable strength. Towering arms, stretched wide to receive. Glory be unto Tebow. Broncos. Patriots. The Lord’s Super Bowl. A clash of wills. A clash of values. East coast flair meets mountainous ethics. Believe. We have seen of what these prideful Patriots are capable. We retain the knowledge and wisdom of our … Continue reading


All rise for the mission of mercy that is the Church of Latter-Day Tebow. Close your wearied eyes and summon His image. No idols; conjure the true appearance of our patron saint. There is no sin within His mind. His soul is pure, washed clean by the cascading waters of those Rocky Mountains. O ye … Continue reading

‘The Age of the Ass’-Link to New Article

Here’s a link to James Driscoll’s latest article, published in the International Journal of Baudrillard Studies. The article is entitled, “‘The Age of the Ass’: Baudrillard, Black Leggings, and the More Nude than Nude.” Feel free to leave comments here, or email us .

Tab Energy: In Memoriam

Author: Conor Morey-Barrett When I was little I would often crave McDonald’s immediately after watching one of their adverts on television.  “You’re so susceptible to advertising,” my mother would say.  As we get older we assume we’ll outgrow such weaknesses, but I find our susceptibility only becomes more refined.  Case in point, my manic love … Continue reading

Obesity and consciousness

Fat people that know everything about the system have swallowed it outside themselves and inside themselves at once, which means that consciousness is neither in the world nor in the body and that obesity exists in the stream of images. Written March 26, 2010 A pre-cursor to a theory of the screen as absolute mind.

Brief essay on consciousness and ideology

IDEOLOGY AS AN AHISTORICAL OBJECT, ITS MODEL FOUND IN THE EXISTENTIAL STRUCTURE OF CONSCIOUSNESS While re-reading Sartre’s theory of consciousness, one which I subscribe to and am looking to apply to my own theoretical projects, I happen upon a third conclusion of ‘The Cogito as Reflective Consciousness.’ ‘Third, the I never appears except on the … Continue reading

Dennis Hopper 1936-2010

Rest in peace.

Vitamin Water ‘Connect’

While drinking this bank-chute ration of signification and crystalline hydration I noticed that this flavor, named ‘Connect’ in what is a disgusting display of aptness, was made ‘by fans, for fans on .’ I’ve included brackets so as to try and capture the differentiation of a logo in standard prose. Pretty useless. What I want … Continue reading

Facebook Ad – Quick

“The average American driver pays as little as $44/mo for auto insurance. Think you pay too much? Find out! Get new payment.” Facebook ad on the right panel of the screen. Read the first sentence. It is never going to matter what we say anymore. There is no turning back; the opposite of this sentence, … Continue reading