Facebook Ad – Quick

“The average American driver pays as little as $44/mo for auto insurance. Think you pay too much? Find out! Get new payment.”

Facebook ad on the right panel of the screen. Read the first sentence. It is never going to matter what we say anymore. There is no turning back; the opposite of this sentence, a “correct” string of words (that’s all this and anything ever is anymore), would exist as on the same plane, as part of the same system. There is the average American driver, everything is as little as everything is, these don’t represent anything, they just simulate them. Who or what is or are any of these things? You don’t care, I don’t care, WE don’t care, and no one is going to click this ad. Consider this:

“Power manipulates nothing, the masses are neither mislead or mystified. Power is only too happy to make football bear a facile responsibility for stupefying the masses. This comforts it in its illusion of being power, and leads away from the much more dangerous fact that this indifference of the masses is their true, their only practice, that there is no other ideal of them to imagine, nothing in this to deplore, but everything to analyze as the brute fact of a collective retaliation and of a refusal to participate in the recommended ideals, however enlightened.”

So, “fuck the world” is our only weapon against power? Something which only exists as an illusion to itself, protecting itself against the above reality of the condition of the masses, something which evidently renders power non-existent? “What contempt behind this interpretation! Mystified, the masses are not allowed their own behavior.”

Everything is true now;
we are all doomed

Read the last sentence! Stop complaining about the spoken standard of English which never once had rules and look at what your Facebook page is saying to you! And it IS saying something to you! Isn’t that a little more disconcerting than the forever-nodding-out poor man on the bus who says “axe” when saying “ask”?! And THAT makes you not care about what a PERSON is saying to you?! Kill your rampant dialectical elitism! Kill all the young men and women circumnavigating urbania with pressed shirts and reverberating magnitudes of cowardly quasi-racism! KILL FUCKING EVERYTHING!


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