i want to kill myself with legally purchased handguns in front of people who post gun rights memes

i mean if someone isn’t getting off the phone and george starts shooting him we need someone with a machine gun present. in this way, we preserve the primacy of individual need while exacting a self-effacing societal revenge on that very structure of individual need. society is merely a mass personification of the individual, which itself is certainly not a concept.

we seriously need to have people with handguns in every chinese restaurant because legislation is not a means to effect material social life, which itself has no effect on consciousness, that much is true.

human nature is literally synonymous with a historical concept of the individual that has no regard for the fundamental social aspect of human beings.

if you think that living amongst others requires societal mediation, you are a socialist. i’ve never read marx because i am not a socialist but you are a socialist.

the fact that human beings use household objects as weapons–for instance spatulas, which are typically used to flip various foods while cooking–negates the particularity of the function of handguns, which are made to facilitate the wounding or murder of a human being by another human being. seriously, does a pencil misspell a word? no, you did, you dumb motherfucker.

the logical end of proposing gun legislation is that everything that could possibly be made into anything should be banned. by trying to make it more difficult for mass murder to occur, we are pretending that the lone psychopath will be ‘governmented to death,’ and by that i mean regulated out of existence.

everything is both different and same at the same time.

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