Macy’s Men’s Department, Acqua Di Gio: Thoughts

Macy’s Men’s. There’s no production here, it’s all consumption. Have we made this irreversible? An old woman hobbling along, taking millimeter steps, not the least bit unhappy. Just looking for an exit. Takes a look at some jewelry. JESUS THEY’RE OVERPRICED! More stuttering baby-steps. Asks someone if the exit up there is Washington and State. … Continue reading

CANstruction 2009: The Radical Illusion

JAMES DRISCOLL 06/18/09 The following is a transcription of notes taken during an hour-long perusal of the most recent incarnation of CANstruction, an exhibit at the Merchandise Mart running through June 28th. BRIEF REFLECTIONS ON CANSTRUCTION 2009: (WALKING BAUDRILLARD THROUGH THE MERCHANDISE MART) “HOPE” APPROXIMATE NUMBER OF CANS: 2,615 SHOPPING LIST: ARMOUR VIENNA SAUSAGE BRYAN … Continue reading